All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and entrances; And one man, in his time, plays many parts.”

- As You Like It

Our Stage We are all actors. We play our parts and speak our parts.

A Journey to the Past

Visualize the streets of Athens, Greece, around 200 BC.  Imagine Socrates surrounded by fellow Athenians exchanges dialogues of issues of the society, observing, questioning the nature of life and living.  Socrates is provoking them to think through the power of dialogue, the exchange creating building blocks of ideas.

eDialogus is just such a forum for the exchange of ideas, concepts, and thoughts among intelligent, like-minded people.

Socratic Method:

Dialogue comes from the Greek Word “dialogos,” the free exchange of ideas through conversations and discussion. This process encouraged and still does encourage the growth of learning and knowledge.

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eDialogus isn't just a message board. It is a place for intellectuals to gather and share ideas. Unfortunately, this is still the internet. eDialogus wants to help those focused on stimulating discussion.




A publication devoted entirely to the understanding and advancement of knowledge provoking intelligent thinking and engage in dialogues surrounding ideas and thoughts.



To create a community of thinkers, scholars and writers who will contribute to the advancement of this publication.



To cause people to think and engage in serious dialogue.


We accept thought papers on any topic in art, science and humanities that meets our vision and mission and are of reasonable length.

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The Sphere of Knowledge is formed by the connected entities below that offer a complete universe of knowledge. A series of educational tools and practices developed by Dan Khanna.

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